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Child's Mother

It reminds every single mother that  her journey to motherhood is acknowledged and very soon, her tears of pains and regrets will become tears of joy and fulfilment.

The poem,  "Child's Mother," informally (Baby Mama) is one distinguished poem out of many, written by Micheal Xino.

Child's Mother

Though I came early to you
When you weren’t set to lose
But those nights were terrific
Please cry not, they were prolific

You looked around to see
Where was the suitor-he
That sweet talked you on bed
With soothing songs of bird

He left with no address
Leaving you lone, depress
There we were uncovered
There you were half murdered

You tried not to cry
To inhume your pains
You heard my cry
                     You forgot your pains

Why do men run away
From their actions to stay
They disregard responsibilities
Enhancing the wast of agilities

Should I label myself an orphan
Or you mom a toddler widow
For there’s never been an offer
Even sighting via louvers window

With your breast I’ll grow
In your pains I’d be strong
No matter what, I truly know
We’d eventually sing a song

Meet Michael Xino.

He is a prolific Page and Spoken Words Poet.
He is known for his Soul-Poetry.
He is one amazingly creative personality.
He has released two soul enriching spoken word poems titled,  "Back To The Garden" and "Stop The Killings."

Micheal Xino believes poetry is beyond expression of feelings but sharing one's experiences with the 26 alphabets in soothing language.

Further, Micheal Xino is the CEO of XinoArtForm. A platform which entails all his artistic works: Architecture, Graphics Design, Poetry etc.


  1. Amazing poem. Thanks a lot dear writer. Greetings from Sierra Leone, West Africa. I just ran tears after reading this. Our mothers are indeed our true heroes. Bravo!!!

    1. Dear Solomon Smart. It's a great honor to have you stop by. Thank you.

    2. They sure are.
      Greetings. Thanks for stopping by

  2. Mothers are fabolous and very great blessings.

    1. Indeed. They truly are.
      Thanks for stopping by.