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Stephen's Regret; How To Practically Avoid Missing Opportunities

"He is my very good friend. Since childhood.  Even though his family packed to another estate, we still kept contact. You can say we are best of friends." Stephen said smiling at her. 

"wow!  That's great. He is such a great counsellor.  His book was an amazing blessing to me; It shaped my perception about relationship. My relationship is better is better because of him. You are lucky to have him for a friend. " Said, Martha.

"Yeah. He is also lucky to have me you know."

David had always dreamed of someday becoming a relationship counsellor, after he decided to give relationship a break, following the realisation that he had a wrong perception all along. Hence,  he want To help others get rid of such perception. This made him attended relationship seminars, reading books and going through a certified relationship counselling college, after his bachelor's degree, which he did in a span of 3 years.

David wrote a book, which was published the day he graduated from the Counselling college that inspired a lot of people. While Stephen is a successful web developer. He has manage his own company and has been very supportive of his friend, David.  He often accompany him to seminars if he is less busy. To wrap it up,  Stephen always celebrate his friend's achievement.

Though he celebrates his friend David,  Stephen has never been influenced by him. He kept on having the same relationship issues. And anytime David is talking to him about relationship, he feels David  is saying the same thing over and over again;  he is familiar with his "relationship advice" because he hears them everyday. He got married and started having misunderstanding with his spouse. He decided to tell David about it after a series of thought about how David will be disappointed. "Bro, I don't know why I married Brooke in the first place. She is so bad at managing my resources. I know I am rich but that doesn't mean she should be extravagant. I can't even save just because I am married! Man,  I messed up. I took your most frequently said words for granted." Stephen said.

"You know I often tell you about this. If courtship is about Love, marriage isn't all about Love. Wisdom is needed for it to be successful. Your spouse should be able to manage your resources and if possible, create ways of multiplying it. But it's not still late, you just need to sit with her and have a mutual understanding. Though I am not happy you are learning the hard way.  But I am happy you realized your fault." David replied.

Like Stephen,  a lot of individuals are missing the opportunity of avoiding future unpleasant circumstances because of the "familiarity" with some individuals (family or friends) who can save them from it. David had always been there to save his dear friend from making mistakes in choosing his life partner but unfortunately, Stephen feels everything about his friend, even his words are familiar. Maybe he felt there was nothing new to learn or there was no need to save all the "advice" in his memory because anytime he needs it, David will always be there. Unfortunately, his strategy was wrong.

Just because you know a person too well, doesn't mean his/her words can't  save you from future or even immediate unpleasant circumstances. Their words can even be the needed motivation or nudge you, to the final step of becoming great or even keep you great. Some individuals are being celebrated today because of a "frequently said words" by a friend or loved one to them. While others are battling with some challenges because they didn't ignore but rather saw the words of their friends as a discussion mantra.

Another way of missing opportunities is disregarding the words of others just because you are superior to them most especially in literacy, skills, status quo etc. Most often, a lot of people who understand and speak English fluently, feel they have nothing to learn from others who can't speak as they do. When they speak,  they are more conscious of the mistakes than the wisdom in their words. This happens in different spheres of life and it has led to a lot of people missing a "one in a million" opportunity. We fail to understand that wisdom and opportunities can come from the least expected means.

Missing opportunities is one thing every individual hates doing. Yet sometimes we unknowingly love doing it because it's coming from people we were not expecting it to come from.

If you desire to avoid  missing opportunities, then you need to go beyond taking into cognizance, people's words that are close to you, by acting on them.  Stephen was aware of those frequent words but he never acted on them. And that had him drowning in the pool of regrets.

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