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4 (Four) Effective Steps To Achieving Your Dreams: Ways To Achieve Your Dreams.


"The 300 square meters garden was littered creatively with flowers of varied colours as rainbow. The sparsely built huts and chairs graced the garden with tremendous beauty, serenity and amusement. It was everyone's favorite. The ice-cream and eatery booths stood several feet from one another. The Suya spot wasn't left out as the savoring aroma of the chicken and beef gave every nose a call to action." He narrated his dream, "This will be 'Edgy's Garden.'" He added, with a graceful smile. 

It was barely 30 seconds later when his heart leaped for resentment as his cheeks bloated from the advice, Mark offered him.  "You've got a lot of sacrifices to make if you really meant what you said." Mark muttered

A lot of us are like the young man in the story. We are so head over heels in joy to share or see our dreams bracing reality, but find ourselves stuck somewhere in the process, leaving the dream slip through the cracks of our inefficiencies. 

As we've known that dream is synonymous to vision, it's also worth knowing that, dreams can't be realized without applying some necessary principles that determine it realization. The young man envisions having an incomparable and the most graced garden in the nearest future, yet his  facial expression almost predicted the future of "Edgy's Garden." We can suggest several reasons why he scrunched up his face but a glimmer of truth is, he didn't like Mark's assertion, "You've got a lot of sacrifices to make..." which means he was only in to make little or less sacrifices.

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"Becoming your dream realizing a vision " is an intentional and action oriented statement that requires some effective principles. Let's  look at four principles that have the potency to help anyone become his dream.


1.Change Your Mindset.

If you have ever heard the statement, "change begins from the inside," this is what it actually means: the word "inside," signifies mindset. A lot of people are limited from achieving a vision not because they lack the potentials but the tapestry of their mindset is patterned in such a way that it doesn't see the possibilities of realizing such vision due to adopted norms. Having a mindset shift is one principle that can never be underestimated in gaining success. 

Regardless of how effective your potentials are, and how promising your vision is, when your mindset is not growth enriching, you will find yourself being complacent with what becomes of that vision. A transformed mind is the first step to achieving a dream. Imagine a person who has the habit of spending extravagantly yet, has the dream of starting up a business venture. There is a high tendency that when he gets the money, the commencement of the venture will be delayed because he wasn't disciplined enough to avoid the temptation of spending a part of the money.

2. Obtain Relevant Knowledge.

 The right mindset is a breeding ground for wise decisions. Hence, obtaining relevant knowledge is key to effectively actualizing your dream.  Imagine you want to setup the best eatery in your locality. Going ahead to start erecting the building without gaining adequate knowledge to guide you in planning the entry, is the beginning of failing to realize that dream effectively.

Gaining relevant knowledge through books, audio and video clips, mentorship,  research, etc makes realizing your dreams a less challenging path to thread on. Obtaining the right and healthy knowledge to realize your dream has the potential to serve as steroids to achieving it.

3. Set Standards and Principles For Yourself.

You can easily derail from the path of realizing your visions when you don't have principles to restrict and guide you, and when you don't have standards you measure up to. Checkout this detailed article on Principles.

4. Cultivate The Habit Of Saying Positive  Affirmations.

Positive Affirmations have been one of the helpful tools to arrive at self-growth mastery. Realizing your visions/dreams require healthy self-esteem and other supportive systems. Hence, positive affirmations serve as periodic reminder of your potentials and effectiveness thus encouraging your faithfulness to the process.

Below, is an affirmations that will gear you towards becoming your dream. 

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