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Self-Awareness (3 Benefits of Self-Awareness)

Retracing two steps to the midpoint of the mirror, he feast his eyes closely as he nibbled the hot tongue burning akara (bean cake) that was saved from the deadly oil on the burner few seconds ago. 

Salim wondered if David's statement was right even though he countered him. With the speed of a snail, he scrunched up his face leaving his conviction at the mercy of David's, while his mind replayed the scene for the fitteenth time.

About 18hours, 47minutes, 6seconds  to that morning, David aired his view on Salim's paintings, labeling him "wierdo" in the company of  their class mates. The grade four painting class roared with jeering sounds before the 9years old Salim completed his statement. 

"What if he was right?"

"But I won the..." He shut his thought.

"What if I could be a normal kid like David , Eze, Becky..."

"I can even stop painting and go for dancing like everyone else."

As he gave himself options, he paced slowly to and fro in a seemingly excited state as he slowly withdrew himself from the memory of who he was.


The loud cry broke his thought into pieces then, he recalled he was sent to off the alarm ringing in the visitor's room.

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The above story could be typical for kids especially at Salim's age who undergo peer pressure. But this is often adults in a bit more matured scene where lack of self-awareness shows off it bitter fruits. 

Most often, we find ourselves tucked in a corner where we sit our potentials down and ask them rhetorical questions simply because we seem to be different from others or we don't always fit in. This is literally lack of efficient knowledge, about ourselves playing our heads. 

Most people have delayed success simply because they became victims of ignorance of their inherent abilities. While some were skeptical of the verse potentials they inhibit.

Long ago, there was a man named Gideon he had great potentials of a mighty warrior but was limited by lack of self-awareness in the shade of fear. When an angel met him, he addressed him as a "brave and mighty man." Even though he countered giving him reasons, the angel reminded him who the author of his life said he was not who his leanage said he was. (See Judges 6:11-16). 

Self-awareness is key to being all you were created to be. It's the first step to exploiting the verse potentials in you and living your best life yet 

A Look into The Benefits of Self-Awareness.

1. Helps You Focus and Saves You Time and Energy.

Self awareness helps you identify your passion, purpose and potentials as well as helps you identify your needs and wants; as you recognize areas you need to maximize while aligning your actions with your goals.

2. Yields Fulfilment.

One distinctive benefit of self-awareness, is the fulfillment you derive from doing what your need to do and slaying at it. Self-awareness helps direct your path and helps you attain maximum result. It also elevates your self-esteem and gives you a healthy defensive mechanism to criticism.

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3. Creating Healthy Relationships.

Breeding an atmosphere for understanding life circumstances and people around you, is a benefit of self-awareness. It makes you a better leader by understanding people and emotions rather than passing prompt judgements.


As a guide to enjoy the benefits of self-awareness, here is a list of affirmations to practice.


  1. Nice one,
    Self awareness is my new normal...
    God bless and increase you ma

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